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Some information and photo supplied courtesy of AQHA.

Every state in the United States has its own state association, as well as additional regional associations. All associations actively support and promote the Quarter Horse. In accordance with our above stated purposes and information, the Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association has sponsored shows and other activities over the past years for the good of its members.

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The original American horse was the Quarter Horse. Fused with colonial and pioneer stock, the Quarter Horse was a practical all-purpose animal heavily-muscled and mild mannered. He earned his place in American history with his great speed, strength, agility and endurance. He performed capably at any job required of him, whether it be pulling a plow or for transportation, racing or ranch work. Almost extinct in 1830, he was used in the foundation of the great American thoroughbred, through thirty-three mares. The thoroughbred, in turn, added to the quality and speed of the Quarter Horse.

Considered a type, not a breed, it was not until the Quarter Horse Association was founded in 1941, that the Quarter Horse finally became a recognized breed. The Association kept careful check for a number of years, examining every animal before registering. Strict rules were followed for animals so that they had to meet set specifications and qualifications as to type, character, conformation and ancestry.

The Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association was formed on April 7, 1967 with a membership list of 84 members. The Association's membership fluctuates from year to year with the highest being 300 members.   A large majority reside in the northern part of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Of course, we have had members from all over these states, as well as Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Tennessee.

This Association was established to foster and spread interest in and to educate the members of this Association and the general public in riding, breeding, training, showing and racing of the American Quarter Horse.

Our Association currently offers five shows which run in conjunction with shows offered by Gordyville, USA in Gifford, Illinois, usually held in February and July of each year.  In addition, our Association approves multiple shows offered by other associations in the area.  Points are earned at these approved shows throughout the year and the class champions, reserve champions and division high point winners are recognized at our annual awards banquet.

Our year-end high-point awards are presented at our annual banquet. Points are accumulated throughout the year at area shows approved by our organization. Also at the banquet, individuals are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the club over the past year.

The interest and popularity of the Quarter Horse in all areas of the country has grown so much that the American Quarter Horse Association is now the largest equine registry in the world with several million horses registered to date.


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