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Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association

Dear LLQHA Member:
As you may be aware, many changes have been taking place in the Quarter Horse industry which have greatly impacted the Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association. Along with other circumstances beyond our control, LLQHA has been struggling.
We just recently became aware that our five approved shows have been relinquished back to AQHA (which is our only source of income) and we have lost Gordyville as our show host.  In addition to the low turnout or cancellation of many of our shows during the past several years, and a drastic decline in memberships and leadership support, what was once a thriving association is now in serious jeopardy.

Unfortunately after many years of operation, LLQHA will be shutting down.  Over the years we have run shows and clinics, as well as handed out fantastic year end awards.  We regretfully have no alternative but to dissolve the Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association.

We thank the Hannagan family and all our members over the years for their support and participation.

Luann Meyer
Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association

Established on April 7, 1967, we are a not-for-profit organization regulated by our ByLaws.  We are an association dedicated to the promotion of the Quarter Horse breed. Our purpose is to foster and spread interest in Quarter Horses, and to educate its members in riding, breeding, raising, training, and showing Quarter Horses in America.

While our association is headquartered in northern Illinois, we often have members in many surrounding states.
Enjoy the RideTM


Cheryl LaMaster  630-263-6396
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