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Points towards year end awards are earned by placing at shows approved by LLQHA.

Awards are presented for the top 2 placings in each category.  Overall High Points in each division are also presented.

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Awards are given only in those classes offered on the showbills of the Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association shows.  


Points will be awarded to current members only who have nominated their horses(s).  If your membership dues are not paid and/or your horse nomination has not been received by our show point chairman by the first approved show, those points will not be counted toward year-end awards.  POINTS ARE NOT RETROACTIVE!
A horse that is owned by a member of LLQHA can accumulate points in the various performance and halter categories with any rider showing the horse--except youth and amateur classes. In youth or amateur classes, AQHA ownership rules apply. If the youth or amateur horse is not solely owned by the exhibitor, the owner must also be a member of LLQHA in order for points to be received. Points start accumulating at LLQHA approved shows as of Feb. 1st and end as of the last LLQHA approved shows through Nov. 30th.
If there are less than 9 entries shown in a class, the 1st place horse receives as many points as are horses shown in the class, and the remaining horses receive the balance of points down the line.

REMEMBER: The high point horse, Youth or Amateur at the end of the year must have acquired a minimum of ten (10) points per category to receive a Year End award.

OPEN, YOUTH AND AMATEUR POINTS are set up as follows:

9 points for 1st place                5 points for 5th place
8 points for 2nd place               4 points for 6th place
7 points for 3rd place                3 points for 7th place
6 points for 4th place                2 points for 8th place
                                             1 point for 9th place

Hi-points not all arounds:  These awards are hi-points rather than all-arounds in the AQHA sense.  Therefore, there is no minimum requirement of how many classes an exhibitor has to go in to be eligible.  Green points are not counted towards the open hi-point.  

Hi Point and Reserve Hi Point awards are offered to the Rookie Amateur and Rookie Youth accumulating the most overall points in their respective Rookie Division.  However, no individual class awards will be given in the Rookie Divisions.
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